MANUAL // Be as humble as you can possibly muster

There ya go folks, over the last week I have shared some constructive advice that will not only fuel your motivation to master your craft but valuable tips on how to preserve its integrity - only from a handful of individuals! Finally, here’s my advice. 

Czarina Madayag

Czarina Madayag

Nothing quite like a humble attitude, an aggressive demeanour and a showcase of hard worked talent to show for.”

In other words, don’t settle for less- this can work in 2 ways. Let me break it down.

1.     Don’t settle for bullshit gigs that only exploit you of your talent and social status for their gain of corporate gain. While it’s good experience and exposure, especially if you’re at the very first stage of your music career, ensure that you are fully knowledgeable of your rights. Music is just as integral as any entertainment outlet, so why should you settle for anything less than what you deserve?


2.     Once you’ve reached a milestone in your career, whether that be something as monumental as selling out your first show or something as small as learning 10 songs on guitar- keep that ego in check because there will always be someone better than you. You can either use that as motivation or an obstacle, up to you, but once you’ve played your hardest on the nylon, upgrade to steel strings. Once you’ve nailed that Beyoncé cover, nail an Aretha cover. You with me? The aim is to be better than your last performance, not be better than anyone else, it’s the only way to survive in this industry.

Lastly, be as humble as you can possibly muster. You’re probably thinking, “oh yeah easy enough, I’ll just keep to myself and don’t be an arrogant dick.” Well, yes however it’s more than that. If you have friends in the industry, support them but don’t stop there, support other artists who are acquaintances, support your local artists, support amateur artists and yes even your beginners. The entertainment industry can be a daunting place to be in but it’s our duty of care to ensure that it can also be a safe haven for anybody to join in on.

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