Meet Molly Ash: She's 16, Juggling VCE, and Managing Her Own Music Career...

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Molly Ash is not like most 16 year olds. She's a #girlboss! Seamlessly juggling VCE, a social life and a music career. We caught up with Molly to chat about her secrets to making it all happen, and her recent successes. 

Hey Molly, tell us a little bit about you and your career so far?

My name is Molly Ash and I am a singer/ songwriter from the Mornington Peninsula. Currently I am 16 years old but that definitely does not stop me from reaching for the stars and striving to achieve my dreams. I started singing around 3 years ago and I definitely did not think that it would completely take over my life and become something that I do everyday. My career began in mid 2014 when I entered a singing competition and came first on my first attempt. This achievement really kick started my passion for music and made me realise that I could put a smile on at least one person’s face from singing for 3 minutes. After singing around for a little bit I decided to pick up the guitar at the beginning of 2016 and that was the best decision I have ever made, because it has allowed me to begin songwriting and become so much more individual. Since 2016 I have had an original song become a ‘semi finalist’ in the 2016 UK Songwriting Contest, I performed at the 2017 Mt Eliza Music Festival and have had a Facebook video of one of my originals hit 37,000 views. I have written a range of different originals and I also taking covers and changing the way songs are performed to make them original to me.


You're only 16 still juggling school and managing to find opportunities for yourself as an Independent musician. How do you do it?

Being only 16 definitely has not stopped me doing what I love, “age is no barrier to the universe.” Putting myself out there on social media has become a very reliable way of gathering attention from people who may be searching for performers for competitions or even small gigs to play. I try to play gigs on weekends and balance my workload with school by not taking on too much and creating an even balance to juggle VCE work and my guitar and singing. I love to practice whenever I can but if I have school work due, I treat myself to playing guitar or writing songs as a way of celebrating the completion of a task (trust me it is solid motivation!).

Molly Ash Performing at Emergenza Heat 

Molly Ash Performing at Emergenza Heat 

What is your number one tip for staying motivated?

My number one tip to stay motivated is to take breaks. I know this might sound strange but if I’m facing a songwriting block I take some time away from my guitar and try to distract my mind by watching some of my favourite artists perform or try listening to some new artists (I HIGHLY recommend Spotify for this because you can select for it to play songs based on the current music you listen to). If I take a break from music for a few days, I begin to miss my music and feel new inspiration to pick my guitar back up and write a new song or try something new.


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How do you define your 'sound' and what is your advice for other singers who are trying to identify who they are as a performer and musician?

To define my sound, is quite hard because I find that some songs I sing I may sound like a pop artist, but in others I may sound as though I could be placed in a country music category; but I believe that is what makes everyone unique because we all have the opportunity to enjoy every style of music. My advice for other singers who are trying to find who they are as a performer and a musician is stick to it! My biggest word of advice for establishing artists is to try everything, and find your strengths and what you seem to love the most. Do not ever try to be someone else or sound like someone else because the best way to grow and learn is to make your own brand and sound to be original and authentic.


Who inspires you the most?

Definitely my Dad. Dad was the first person who introduced me to music when I was younger and ever since I said I wanted to get some singing lessons he came to every lesson I had, helping me with my songs. Every time I perform, I go through my set with Dad and he gives me feedback on what he thinks I should try differently and is definitely my 'Shazam' by suggesting song ideas or song cover suggestions so. I owe a lot of my progress to him for always supporting and helping me!


Tell us about placing 2nd at the Emergenza Festival Heat. What is next? Do you have any links to where people can find you and support your career?

Emergenza was CRAZY! I went to the soundcheck and saw that all of the people I was competing against were bands (with nobody under 21 in these bands) and I was the only under 18 solo act. I definitely felt super intimidated but I just knew that if I put my heart and soul up on the stage people would see how much I love music and hopefully love what I love doing most. I've got a Fasttrack Semi Final performance on August 13th, and a Village Green Hotel gig on August 2nd and if you'd love to support me find my social links below. I'm always free to have a chat so if you want to hear what I do or ask me some questions, holla at me!