Sydenham Lets Sing with Ash Kennedy!

We are bursting to boast about Ashleigh Kennedy joining our team. She is everything Coach Music is about - positive, motivating, encouraging and TALENTED!! The girl not only has a gift for singing but she knows how to bring the best out of everyone around her. We snuck a few moments with her so that we could officially introduce this powerhouse vocal coach to the World and in particular get Sydenham singing along.

Ash, welcome to Team CMA. Tell us a little bit about you and your musical journey?

Ashleigh Kennedy Singing Teacher

Thanks! It's so exciting to be a part of the team! My musical journey began as a kid singing and dancing in front of the TV and forcing my family to watch me perform with my karaoke machine. At the age of 8, singing lessons became an exciting part of my week and my voice transformed through daily practice. However, blind to my own progress, little to no confidence and stage fright caused me to stop singing lessons and pick up guitar. My world changed when I started both singing and guitar at Jayka Academy, and the first time I sung with a live band was when I knew that's where I belong. Guitar also became a great way to start writing my own music and accompanying myself! A Top Class VCE score led me to perform at the Melbourne Recital Centre, which pushed me towards studying a Bachelor of Music at The Australian Institute of Music. Music was becoming a lifestyle and a goal rather than a dream, and I learned off inspiring fellow students and experienced industry teachers on the daily. The 2.5 years at UNI brought blood sweat and tears, amazing progress, immense knowledge, intense passion and extensive performance experience which brought me the confidence I had always desired. Now I am extremely excited to be on to my new chapter... TEACHING!

What do you think it takes to be a great singer?

Singing Teacher Sydenham

A great singer is... 1. Passionate about music & their role in it 2. Emotive and able to tell a story 3. True to their individual style 4. Aware of the workings of their instrument 5. Always striving to remain confident even in times of struggle AND LASTLY... 6.To be persistent in their ambitions through practice and finding support from those around them! (Such as your vocal coach!)

What can a student expect from a class with you?

A student can expect a class tailored to achieve their unique goals and aspirations, and finding or enhancing their own natural unique sound which is true to them! Workshopping your favourite songs to sing, with my help and guidance along the way! And a sprinkle of my bubbly energy will make sure exercises are fun but also giving you healthy techniques and skills that you need to move ahead with your goals!

How has singing changed your life?

Singing Lessons

Singing and music in general has become a lifestyle. Whether it's performing backing vocals, writing and recording original music, performing cover gigs or filling my week supporting friends do the same. Music was a dream that has become reality, and a career! And to think I almost studied design instead of music, I can safely say that without my training my life would look very different. My inspiring teachers have absolutely transformed my life and relationship with music, and I honestly wouldn't be here today doing what I love without their support and guidance. The more I learn, the more I love what I do, and the best part is... I will never stop being a student myself!

Can we expect to hear any new releases from you soon?

Singing Lessons

My musical taste and vision is forever shape shifting... so out with the old and in with the new! I am in the process of reworking old tunes and writing new ones to aim for release in 2019 alongside live performances of original works. But I have also collaborated in co-writing with fellow Melbourne artists & you might see my name pop up featured on their tracks also! Stay tuned :)

How can we become fans?

I love making friends, I would love you to be a part of my journey! You can find me on all the socials! Just click these links below :)


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