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Its uncanny how similar Kayla Russo and Katy Perry are. Not only their look but also their character. Katy Perry is hard working, bubbly, talented and charismatic and so is Kayla. Also like Katy, Kayla is living her dream. She is the Founder and operator of 'Revolution The Movement' and 'Katy Perry Represent'. PLUS on September 15th she is going to challenge and inspire our students in our very first movement masterclass, designed to help enhance our singers on stage performance skills.  Movement is a huge part of being a performer and Kayla will not only get us out of our comfort zones but we guarantee you will walk away inspired by this go-getter! 

How did you get into dance and what training and experiences have you been through?

I got into dance at a very young age! I remember being 5 years old and winning a competition at Sea World to brush a dolphins teeth and to my surprise my performance won and all my dolphin dreams came true. I guess from that age on I was always seen dancing and singing everywhere I went! I started Hip Hop classes when I was 14 for a few years, but then decided to teach myself in my spare time off youtube. I always surrounded myself in the dance culture whether that was doing shows or seeing shows so that I could stay relevant with the dance scene!

You are the founder and operator of Revolution The Movement. What inspired you want to run a dance school, and what is your vision for Revolution?

Yes, I am and its so cool! I was inspired through a time in my life where Dance was my only way of expression. It changed my perspective and who I was. I felt a need in our community to create a place where people of any age can come and experience passion and what it's like to just feel music and let it comfort you whatever mood you are in. My vision is to have people passionately falling in love with the street style of dance and to make Revolution the place where you can connect with friends and feel supported and encouraged!

What is your favourite dance style and why?

Well, the obvious answer is Hip Hop but that is very broad, theres so many styles of Hip Hop! The reason why I personally love this style and created Revolution around street dance is because I feel so free when I learn the choreography and theres so much culture and character in the history of Hip Hop from the music to how street dance began... but also my personal fav, you'll always catch me doing a cheeky Dab!


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What motivates and inspires you?

Passion. I am moved by passionate people. I get so inspired when I see students, or dance videos just absolutely loving their routine and when they show their friends and ask them to come to class. Also, the reward of how happy students and parents are at the end of the showcase or class inspires me because theres nothing more that I love than seeing and feeling passion radiate off people!

What can students expect from your movement workshop on Sept 14th?

WELL... There are a lot of things that will be going on in the workshop! Just know that you wont be still for long but you WILL walk out with a fire and dream bigger than you can even see right now! Ps. bring water.

On top of being a Dance Coach you also run 'Katy Perry Represents' (a tribute showcase) where you perform as Katy Perry. Tell us a little bit about this project and also the story behind meeting Katy live on stage at her concert!!!

Katy Perry spotted Kayla (her doppelganger) and pulled her onstage.

Katy Perry spotted Kayla (her doppelganger) and pulled her onstage.

Yes! I do! I’m a busy girl!

So Katy Perry Represent began as a kids showcase in 2015! We would surprise kids and birthday parties and do local fundraiser events, now 3 years on Katy Perry Represent has grown so much! Our show is starting to get bigger and we’re heading toward the corporate gig world! It’s all very exciting!
Oh okay! Well the story behind actually meeting Katy Perry is actually mind blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever come off my planet of cotton candy!
It was such an amazing experience because I had decided to go to her “Witness Tour” this year dressed as her and we had got quite a bit of attraction before the show!

During her concert Katy was in a very serious moment and she looked over and noticed me and I guess she was taken a bit back! I had to try compose myself because my life was literally made but then she stopped her show and said “I was trying to have a very serious moment but then I saw this girl behind me. It looks like I’m looking into a mirror, you look exactly like me!” Then they opened up a gate and she personally asked me on stage with her! I honestly felt like I was living a dream! The world’s biggest Popstar had just recognised me and asked me on stage with her, I can’t even comprehend how humbled and grateful I was from that moment onward. It was surreal, I honestly felt like all my hard work had been noticed and recognised by the person who I never thought would notice!

Despite my journey to get to where I am I never gave up on this dream of mine and saw the vision and kept working hard! I still can’t comprehend it all! I really hope this story inspires people to work hard focus on visions and not give up!!


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Finally, what would be your advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in dance?

Be ready to work for it. Be so ready to work hard, because hard work gets noticed, maybe not right away but everything done well will last! (don't take shortcuts!) Take as many classes as you can and develop your own unique style and never compare yourself to anyone! YOU DO YOU!


MOVE with Kayla on September 15th...