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So You Want To Play More Gigs? She's played 172 Gigs This Year and Counting...

Kye is killing it. She is currently a full time musician on tour with Nathaniel Willemse, Sing It Out and setting herself up for 2018 releases. To support her passion for music she gigs, ALOT! And this hard work is paying off. We asked her how she does it all, what her top advice is for young musicians, and what we should expect next from the Melbourne Indi artist. 

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Take your performances to the next level - 3 easy tips anyone can do

The bright lights, the big stages, the whispers of the crowd; all of it waiting sidestage in great anticipation of your next performance. Then the nerves set in. You go out on stage, give it all you got, get a nice applause but still find yourself wishing you’d done that little bit better. (Or a lot better!) So how do you make sure you can deliver at your maximum every time? What if there was some simple ways to improve your performance that everyone can do? And what if it had absolutely nothing to do with talent?

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Without this one thing, you are blocking your own progress

But it is incredibly simple to overcome, if you are willing…

Notice I opened this blog by saying ‘simple’, not necessarily ‘easy’. And the reason for that distinction is incredibly important. You see difficulty as a measure, is directly related to our belief system. Don’t believe me? By the end of this article you will. (Unless of course you’re like me as a teenager in which case you already know everything therefore you should stop reading now!)

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