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So You Want To Play More Gigs? She's played 172 Gigs This Year and Counting...

Kye is killing it. She is currently a full time musician on tour with Nathaniel Willemse, Sing It Out and setting herself up for 2018 releases. To support her passion for music she gigs, ALOT! And this hard work is paying off. We asked her how she does it all, what her top advice is for young musicians, and what we should expect next from the Melbourne Indi artist. 

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MANUAL // The industry is incredibly harsh if you’re not prepared to work your ass off.

Ben Dewhirst, a dedicated guitarist of ten years is at the very beginning of his career and is currently studying Contemporary Music at the Australian Institute of Music in Melbourne (AIM). Dewhirst learns in his second year of AIM that he must “toughen up” in order to endure the first few years of the industry.

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