Singing lessons Frankston


Feeling like you need some motivation?
Already sing but need further guidance?


Singing is a combination of technique, emotion, passion and performance. We focus heavily on maintaining motivation for singers to feel like they can take their singing to the next level.


"I cannot emphasise enough how much I love this singing school. It's the thing that gets me through the week. I look forward to every lesson to not only build and strengthen my singing, but also reflect and build upon myself as a person. It is such an inspiring place to be around, full of love and talent."
- Caity Leong

Your teacher will run through a vocal assessment and set goals with you to ensure you get the most from each and every class. For those looking for an intense vocal challenge, we are currently offering an innovative and dynamic packaged program, specifically designed to quantify and track your vocal improvement so you can be confident you are getting REAL RESULTS! Just like an app on your phone, the higher your number goes, the better singer you are becoming!

But it’s more than just a weekly lesson

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By joining the Coach Community you will have access to monthly performance opportunities, industry workshops, recording opportunities and instrumental classes. If you’re looking for an encouraging and supportive community of like-minded music lovers, then look no further, because Coach Music Academy is a trusted, industry-leading community of passionate and like-minded people who share your musical goals and aspirations!

How much are classes? 
$45 / Group 60 Minutes
$60 / Private 30 minutes