Jackson Thomas and Josh needham


Our singing lessons are always run by a Coach Music Academy trained, industry professional. Singing lessons are currently available each weeknight, Monday - Thursday, with a waiting list currently building for Friday. 

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3 most FAQ: 

1) Price? $45 for group lessons (1 hour) (max 5 p/class), $60 for private lessons (30 min)

2) Location? Caulfield, Berwick OR Frankston
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3) Group OR Private? 
This is a question we leave up to the Coach. After your first consultation your coach will evaluate your level and if you would be most suitable for group OR private lessons. 


Our method is adaptable to all styles of music. We focus on:  

- Technique
- Breath Control
- Emotion
- Confidence
- Projection
- Control
- Pitch
- Range
- Performance