Clique Productions

Producing your music to deliver to the world can seem like a far-off fairy tale. We want to help you bridge that gap!

That’s why, combined with our Artist Development Program to help align you and get you familiar with the studio, Coach Music Academy is an integrated school working directly with industry leading professional producers for the advanced and developing artist. A number of Coach Music Academy’s students have either released music or have upcoming releases in 2017/2018 as part of their connection with the fast-expanding CMA community. Clique Studios with producer Daniel Kelaart and nightflare Productions with producers Joel Dowling and Tim Coghill are also close partners with Coach Music Academy’s growing artist pool. Some recent and new talent so far include, but not limited to, Tyler Hudson, Jackson Thomas, Samsaruh, Tay Piggott, Angus Legg, CHMBRS, Scott Boyd, Harrison Craig, Seb Mont, Nathaniel, Joey Cirilo and more.