We are touring some of Australia's most talented up and coming performers. You might recognise a few of them from The Voice, X Factor and Triple J. Each artist shares their personal journey with mental health and how music has been a positive impact on their lives... 

Allipha Elle Murphy

After being thrown into The Voice - a highly critical and pressured experience, my anxiety was at an all time high. My confidence felt completely shattered and every day tasks had become harder than I had thought possible. Yet by expressing myself through songwriting and playing alongside other musicians, I found parts of myself slowly returning. Making music fuels my soul and has me jumping out of bed each morning excited and hopeful."

Jackson Thomas

"Music is my medicine. It serves me as an escape from this crazy world. The feeling I get after I sing is like I have literally pressed a reset button inside me."

Bella Paige Yoseski

"Music is everything to me; it is my passion. It makes me the happiest, and allows me to be my full and true self. Music gives me the confidence to express myself and how I feel, what I think and believe, on and off the stage. Singing allows me to do what I love, and to be able to connect with others, by touching people's hearts and lives in a positive way - the same way music has hugely impacted my life and wellbeing."

Kylie Chirunga Kye

"As someone who struggled with mental health in their mid-teens, music was always my outlet. Songwriting was my way of explaining what I was feeling. If I wasn't ready to talk about it, I could sing about it."

Taylor Piggott

"Music has affected my mental health in the sense that it's always been my outlet or release, and my way of coping with issues that have presented them self to me throughout my life. My entire music journey began when a close friend of mine passed away from an asthma attack at a young age, not knowing how to deal with the overwhelming feelings of grief and heartbreak  I put these emotions into a song. 


"The year my parents had decided to separate was the most life changing thing that had happened to me to date and having an escape was exactly what I needed.  There is nothing more wonderful than hearing a song that somehow perfectly embodies everything you’re feeling at that exact moment, as if that artist had somehow read your mind and turned it into a beautiful piece of art.  I believe music had a big part of getting me through that time relatively unscathed."

Georgia Caine

"Music has always been an outlet for me to express myself, to completely release my emotions. Whether I want to escape my thoughts completely by listening to music or reflect on my thoughts through songwriting or express to the world how I’m feeling through performing. I believe that music is a gift for everyone to enjoy and I am thankful everyday that I am surrounded by such a wonderful gift.  "

Angus Legg

Music to me is a form of expression, a way of channelling bad energy into something productive, a way of escaping negative thoughts, a way of forgetting your troubles for even just a moment.  Music has brought me back from some of the darkest times in my life, times where i have almost given up hope on finding a light at the end of a long dim tunnel. Being able to put my thoughts down on paper and put them to music has been a solace for me. It is not only for personal development, but if i can write something that resonates with other people then that is a bonus. Music is all around us, it is our theme songs for life.

Caitlin Dsouza

"I spend a lot of time in my head, just thinking about things or situations or anything else. It was this pressure cooker of all these thoughts and emotion that ultimately impacted my mental health. However, I knew, without a doubt, I could get out my head when I played, listened or wrote music. For me it was a way that I learnt to channel all my emotions and thoughts in a healthy way rather than suffering on my own. I could literally play or sing my bad day right out of me. I owe music a lot and I wanna show people how much it can help them too."

Jesse Dutlow

"Music and especially song writing has been such a special gift to my life. Every time I write a song, I am able to use it as a vessel to pour my emotions into. It doesn't matter if it is the greatest joy or the most bitter pain, or fear. After the song is complete, I gain a little more freedom, and I'm able to grow."