Unique, fresh & innovative masterclasses are carefully planned for our students every term. Whether it be industry experts, seasoned performers, speech pathologists, music producers or vocal experts; every event feels new and dynamic. These workshops always re-ignite the spark and fuel the passion to learn!

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She was recently ranked #20 on the Hottest Songwriters in Pop Right Now by LA WEEKLY and she shared her secrets to success with our students in an intimate songwriting workshop! 

Singing lessons Frankston


Tayla is a certified practising speech pathologist with Speech Pathology Australia. Tayla has a range of experience with voice cliental including improvised LSVT programs (voice projection), breathing techniques, vocal hygiene and a knowledge of the anatomical and physiological workings of the throat and vocal folds. Students walked away with tips and tricks for voice maintenance in singing.

Damien Platt

Damien Platt

He's product coordinator at Vicious Recordings, Chairman at The Push, and Board Member at Face The Music. Damien gave students an understanding of the music industry, what to expect and the guidance they were seeking.