Student Feature: Cynthia Sanchez

Coach Student Cythina Sanchez has big dreams, an angelic voice and the stage presence to match. At only 17 years old we believe she has a HUGE future ahead of her...

Hey Cynthia, how long have you been singing for?

Singing Lessons Melbourne

I’ve been singing ever since I could talk but I started lessons at the National Children’s Choir at around the age of 8 !

What's your ultimate goal with your music?

My ultimate goal is to release my own music and hopefully achieve BIG things with it !

If you could be one person for the day who would it be and why?

If I could be a person for the day I’d want to be Selena Quintanilla!! Her voice is something I’ve never heard before and her ability to perform and make the audience feel what she is feeling is amazing!

Your performance at the end of year concert was AMAZING! How much practice do you put into your singing?

Cynthia with Coach  Santanna

Cynthia with Coach Santanna

Thank you,  I practice whenever possible which can be up to 3 times a week. Year 12 tends to take over my time but when I’m not practicing scales I’m singing anyways which I feel helps me a lot as well. 

What inspires you to continue singing lessons with Coach?

The coach community is one that I love being a part of, I always feel comfortable and I feel as though everyone gets given so many opportunities to perform and show off their talents. My coach Santanna is also always pushing and believing in me which helps me to keep going.

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Follow Cynthia's Journey : @cynthiasanchez7