Student Feature: Poetta

Sometimes special musician's cross our path at Coach Music and we are privileged enough to watch them blossom. Poetta is one of those people and with her combined creativity, uniqueness and intelligence we can't wait to see what happens next for her.... 

Describe your music in three words? 

raw, real, revealing. 

Tell us the inspiration behind your stage name 'Poetta' ?

Photo: Czarina Madayag @  OOMPH

Photo: Czarina Madayag @ OOMPH

I would say ‘Poetta’ came after careful consideration of how I wanted to be presented professionally to the world. The name ‘Poetta’ is an amalgamation of the word ‘poet’ and the diminutive suffix ‘etta’ often meaning small. I chose ‘poet’ because when people think of poetry they think of these amazing pieces of writing that can convey a variety of emotion in a short amount of time and I wanted to replicate that abundance of emotion with my art as well as display my personal affection for poetry. I hope when people listen to my music and hear the name that they are reminded of that same raw emotion.

As for why I created a stage name; I wanted to separate the artistry from the person, which is proving quite hard to do because they are so incredibly and complexly intertwined. It was definitely the goal behind the creation though because I see how taxing it is for other artists to have their whole world on display 24/7 and I knew that I needed to save a piece for myself as a way to remain sustainable in this industry. I hope that having ‘Poetta’ as almost a separate persona, or ‘character’ if you will, allows me to withstand any long-term effects that may come my way.

You're a prolific songwriter, how do you write your songs? Do you have a process?

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It varies occasionally but most of the time it will start out with poetry that I then turn into lyrics. Then I'll play around with notes and chords either on my guitar or piano that feel right with that particular piece of writing. I make sure to document all of my process on voice memos because you never know when you’ll find your hook and it’s insufferable to create something you’re so proud of only to forget it and have it be lost forever. After finding a fitting melody to go with the lyrics you get to really know where the vibe of the song is taking you and you’re able to create a clear structure around that. Then it’s just a matter of filling in the gaps and adding little flares like a cool guitar riff for the intro or an impactful statement to leave the listener a little unsettled.

What aspect do you enjoy most about being a musician?

I am finally at the stage where I’m prepared as an artist and ready to share.
— Poetta

For me it would definitely have to be the cathartic process of songwriting. It is the only way for me to truly release all of my emotions in a positive way and allows me to unravel situations that my mind might not yet be able to completely comprehend.

I also love how music moves people and incites change. This has been displayed time and time again through rallies, marches, and benefit concerts for a multitude of causes, from acceptance and peace, to calls for law amendments. Through song writing and music we can really come together to transform the world to be a better place. I definitely want to be an artist that provokes thought and inspires others to see that we are never done with the world and ourselves; that there is always room for change. I love that through doing what comes naturally to me I can take part and help in making that change happen.

Photo: Czarina Madayag @  OOMPH

Photo: Czarina Madayag @ OOMPH

What are your plans this year (musically)?

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be releasing a single in the upcoming months to prequel an EP which I hope to release later this year. I would say my goal is to share my music in a more professional and wider reaching manner. I have delayed releasing official music in the past due to self-doubt and anxiety but feel I am finally at the stage where I’m prepared as an artist and ready to share.

When and where can we listen to your music? (tag your socials etc)

Instagram is best for interaction and to stay up to date with events, releases, and highlights as well as the occasional cover song.


My Soundcloud is where you'll hear the bulk of my music, rough and polished as I also use it to catalogue and back up the majority of my originals in case of disaster.


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What’s your favourite thing about Coach?

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My favourite thing about Coach would have to be the belief and support system they have behind their students and the opportunities they constantly create for their pupils to grow, learn, and flourish. They have provided me with the professional experience, education, and skill to truly follow my passion without hesitance. Without their ever present encouragement and love I would definitely not be where I am today; nor where I hope to be tomorrow.

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