Frankston Music Festival's feature sideshow, with Caity Leong

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Frankston Music Festival is one of Victoria’s most exciting music events of the year! Exploring the freshest food-truck delights with your bestie over tunes by the beachside - what could be better? This year, up and coming student/artist Caity Leong is set to shine for audiences (this Sat 28th April) at the Coach Music Academy feature sideshow, and we caught up for a quick ‘3 questions’ pre-show cappuccino to learn how she is preparing for the big stage...


1. Caity, as an up and coming amazing performer, with plenty of audience anticipation, how will you be conquering the nerves for this Saturday’s festival stage?

Personally I've learnt to appreciate the nerves and believe that they make my performance a better one. If I'm not feeling butterflies in my stomach, there's something not right.

What helped me when I was younger was closing my eyes and almost meditating to calm down my body and mind. Don't forget to smile and think about who you're performing for.


2. What's running through your mind when you're performing?

Nothing that I'm consciously aware of. I try to channel the song and almost imagine that I'm feeling whatever the song is portraying. I love to make eye contact with people to ensure that they're connecting with me.


3. How did you feel watching your performance video back from 2017's End Of Year Coach Music Academy Concert?

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I was so proud of myself. I used to hate watching myself back, but it helps me to improve so much. I love seeing how far I've come, especially with a song like Settle Down by Kimbra, it was a bit of a challenge for me, so I'm over the moon with my performance.

Check out Caity's show stopping performance at our End Of Year Concert : CLICK HERE

Don’t miss this Saturdays Performance Afternoon at The Frankston Music Festival. Details below:

Date: Saturday April 28th

Time: 12:30pm - 4pm

Where: Mechanic's Hall Frankston

$15 cash entry

* $5 from every ticket sold goes towards supporting your performer of choice.