All Star Coach Lineup for Frankston High Schools 'Fame'.

The iconic early 1980's film and TV series 'Fame' is Frankston High Schools 2018 Production and we have four Coach students showcasing their talents in this years stage show at The George Jenkin's Theatre. The show is set to dazzle and surprise, we have already got our tickets sorted! 

Meet Kynen, he is 15 in year 10 and sings because he loves making people smile and bringing joy to their lives... 


What is your role? I bring to life the role of Jose ‘Joe’ Vegas, an eccentric, comedic, Spanish flirt with a flair for acting. Along with the other incredible characters, he attends the High School of Performing Arts in New York and we see his friendships and possible relationships blossom throughout his four year journey in high school. 

What will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show? They’ll be thinking about what an awesome storyline the musical was that they just watched. The plot is so well put together and perfectly situated for each individual character

Singing Lessons Frankston

Meet Willow she is 17, in year 11 and sings because she can’t live without it! 

Hey Willow, Why did you want to be involved in this production?
I love being involved in the production as I get to be whoever I want, and show off my passion for singing and acting. 

What is your role ? 
I’m in the chorus, which is theatre-speak for extra but it’s one of the best roles as we essentially fill up the scene!

Singing Lessons Frankston

Meet Max he is 16, in year 11, and sings because it is freeing and always feels good inside.

What is your role ? I landed one of the lead roles - Joe Vegas! I am doubled casted with Kynen. 

What is going to surprise the audience about this show? I think this show’s talent will surprise people. When you think of a school show, you won’t think of something as fun and refined as this! 

Meet Oliver he is 13, in year 8 and sings because he likes entertaining people...

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Hey Ollie, What is your role ?My main role is being a HIP HOP dancer plus I have an extra role opening the show singing with my peers! 

What is your hidden talent? 


We can't wait for opening night!! 

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