How to preserve your integrity as an artist Ft. Kendrick Lamar

Written By Czarina Madayag

You never know how a situation will turn out once you’re in it. This is a common day-to-day struggle with young artists in the demanding industry of entertainment and unfortunately the majority learn the hard way. However, as inevitable and frequent as these setbacks are, it’s important to preserve your integrity not only as an artist but as a person; there is nothing quite like a humble attitude, an aggressive demeanour and a showcase of hard worked talent to show for.

 “The real expression of your music will be shown from the audience who interpret the piece, not you- the artist.”

Singing Lessons Frankston

Preached by 6 time Grammy award winner, Kendrick Lamar in an interview with Zane Lowe in discussion of his critically acclaimed album DAMN. DAMN contains some of Lamar’s best lyrics hands down. It showcases his evolving complexity and versatility as a dynamic storytelling rapper as each track demands for your attention. Music editor Evan Rytlewski comments, “Lamar trusts every idea to stand on its own, he doesn’t need to wrap a tidy bow around it.” Ain’t that the truth! You wouldn’t need to build hype around your music if your music is already hyped.

Lamar then details the careful curation behind each mind boggling track. Once he’s created a track, he lives with the beat, assures that each line is delivered with precision and every lyric executed with intent. Ice Cube once told him, “if the first few lines of your song don’t grab nobody- it ain’t shit.” In other words, it’s a necessity to believe in your music before you expect others believe in too because at the end of the day, your music won’t just be for you, it’ll be for the people who are struggling in their own lives, who probably need it more than you.

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