I'm 17 and I Get Paid To Sing...

Coby Sannen at Frankston Music Festival hosted by Coach Music Academy. 

Coby Sannen at Frankston Music Festival hosted by Coach Music Academy. 

Are you looking at ways to make some extra money, but the idea of working an entire weekend as a checkout chick (or dude) just isn’t your thing? OR maybe you love your job but hey the extra money wouldn’t hurt.

We pay our students to perform. That’s right! Our monthly gigs give every student the chance to get up on stage, learn, grow, and MAKE MONEY.

We interviewed our 17 year old student Coby Sannen about the perks of performing and getting paid to do something she loves…

How did it feel performing a set and getting paid for it?

I've played a few paid gigs before and it's just such an awesome experience to have! Getting paid for something you love doing is just a bonus and motivation to gather your own audience and start building your name as an artist, it's so much fun! We work hard on these songs for months with our Coach so it's a great feeling despite the nerves to finally perform them. I feel so grateful that people are taking their time and money to sit down and watch me perform in such an open and encouraging environment. Its honestly one of the best feelings when people are coming up to you at the end complimenting you, it's truly inspiring and motivating and makes me want to keep going!

What did you learn from your last gig?

I learn something from every gig. I get different vibes from different places and people I perform for and the more I do the more experience and confidence I build, practice makes perfect! For my performance this time around, I learnt to take a water bottle on stage with me, because getting a dry throat while performing is definitely not what you need. But every experience is a learning curve and helps me grow as a person and as an artist. 

Coach Music Academy

How have these performances helped you?

These performances really do inspire me. When all the students come together as a group it is really special to watch. We see each other perform regularly and everyone’s improvement each month inspires me to keep on performing and improving.

Get paid to perform and join the Family today: 
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